Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Field Trip, Part 2

Belatedly, here are more pictures from the 5th graders' field trip, featuring action shots of the students performing the ELISA and eating in the dining hall.

We had enough kits for the students to work in groups of 4, and enough volunteers from NCAT, UNC-CH, and Rankin for every group to have an adult supervisor.

 The students took turns adding reagents to the well plate, and with 11 different reagents everyone got plenty of opportunities to help! The A&T student leaders stressed good laboratory techniques, such as performing control experiments and wearing personal protective equipment -- in this case, the new neon goggles that each 5th grader got to keep.

 The 4 classrooms of 5th graders were split into two groups, so while half of the students were doing the experiment, the other half was enjoying lunch in the dining hall on campus. Lunch was a huge hit, as the students enjoyed picking out whatever they wanted from the numerous dining hall stations, including the dessert section.
 One Rankin student even had a sibling attending A&T who got to join the students for lunch!
 More pictures from the field trip can be viewed here.

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